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What makes a woman
Women are the salt and pepper of our lives, literature's muses and many other things so our next assignment is about What makes a woman. It's not going to be easy but a woman's universe is quite complex and large, and there are plenty of things about her you can capture. Like the fact that she is:

Strong and fragile
As fragile as they may seem, women can be skilled constructor workers or welders without losing their delicacy. ...ler mais

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April 1, 2015 (08:51)
31 million images online on the very 1st of April! This is serious. Our contributors do the magic as always. Join our merry discussion HERE. 100 FREE credits are waiting for our buyers if they join the contest and download the winner footage. - posted by MalinashApril 1, 2015 (06:03)
NEW TOOL for sales predictions: Dreamstime laboratory will soon reveal a new tool that will allow contributors to interconnect with the buyers on a mindset level. It can be used to connect with each buyer after they downloaded photos or with the whole community of buyers. Not only will the contributor be able to foresee what the buyer needs, but the photographer will also be able to anticipate their needs. More details here: BETA PROJECT. - posted by AchillesMarch 26, 2015 (10:44)
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You're one in ten million outstanding people who make this community wonderful. Congrats and thanks for making this new milestone possible. We're 10 million and counting! - posted by Tangie

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