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   Karen Foley, United States

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Horror Fashion Show - by malinash

Fashion is changing every two weeks? Let's stay in trend especially for the last day of October....

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A separate article blog about cats and kittens ^ _ ^ I like these cute animals, and I want to draw them...

135 pictures approved for my first month - by gil7416

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October 23, 2014 (09:01)
#Roaring25 THE CRAZY WINNER: $6,100 Grand Prize is heading to Karen Foley, with a 29.45 score. Take a look at all scores here and let's hip hip hooray on the discussion board. - posted by MalinashSeptember 23, 2014 (09:27)
Breaking news: "Designers Also Selected These Stock Photos" feature and a new Social Media tool. The new personalization feature is meant to deliver the most relevant information, suggesting the best products to customers based on personal preferences, while the new social media function is designed to give a boost to images shared in social media. Details are here. Let's talk! - posted by MalinashSeptember 17, 2014 (09:14)
The 26th million image sends all the love to you. Designers can download it from here and they can win 100 free credits. Let's talk about it. - posted by MalinashAugust 6, 2014 (04:10)
The Roaring 25 assignment just rolled out and there's a $6,100 cash prize. Join in, there are 10 themes to choose from and plenty of time to shoot your best images. Discuss more here. - posted by Nikitu

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