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New Assignment: I love living in the city!

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 07:14:07 AM pela Tangie - o membro é um administrador
The city has always allured people irresistibly and most of us are in love, nay addicted to, living in the city. So, all city passionates out there, here is your assignment: declare your love for the city and city life in real or imaginary pictures.

Show us the noise, the colors, the flavors, the entertainments, the streets and most importantly, the people of the city. We know that the city is often congested, bustling, impersonal but we want to see the beauty and fun of urban life. You can start early in the morning and witness the city waking up, the people grabbing coffees in the street, the sun peeping from behind skyscrapers, the casual conversation of your neighbors when walking the dogs, the steam at subway stops. The city is ever changing and constantly putting on new faces so by noon you'll have a completely different scenery. Definitely a busier one but not everyone is working so you can focus on urban activities: sightseeing, touring the museums, rollerblading in the parks, enjoying the mild sun at an outdoor restaurant, admiring the city from the top of its tallest building, window shopping, going to concerts. One is always active and on the move in the city so don't focus on still life architecture or landmarks. We want to see the swarm, the buzz, the excitement, the crowd and the night life will offer you plenty of these. Don't miss the glowing lights, the laughing friends going out, the street dancers, the flock waiting at a premiere when there's a new show in town.

Best city scenes and most ardent photographic love declarations will be rewarded with $300 (first place), $200 (second place) and $100 (third place) to spend around the beloved city. The winners will also receive Dreamstime branded t-shirts for a cool urban look.

Good luck and show us around the city...

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 07:36:09 AM pela Wysiwygfoto
I don't normally participate in the assignments, but I'm curious - are editorial images eligible? I have a few I may submit for this.


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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 07:41:40 AM pela Androniques
Yep, I have the same question! Even if I don't have any editorials yet, I have been considering that option recently, and now there's an assignment to go for, which seems to require just these. :)
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 08:05:18 AM pela Sadman0026
I have the same question:)

If yes...then there will be my first editorial photos!

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Mensagem editada em 06/30/2011, 08:10:16 AM pela Fleyeing

Originalmente enviada por Wysiwygfoto:
Mensagem Citada: are editorial images eligible?
Nope. Check the FAQs and the forum threads. ;-)
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 08:21:43 AM pela Komar

Originalmente enviada por Fleyeing:
Mensagem Citada: Nope. Check the FAQs and the forum threads. ;-)

That's such a shame, especially for this one. I love doing street/city shots, but editorial.

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 08:27:35 AM pela Obiectiv
It's hard I think to catch people in a town and to have an MR for every one.

Maybe editorial must be accepted on this assignment.
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 08:34:30 AM pela Grisho - o membro é um administrador
Leave the model releases aside and focus on the property releases you'll have to get :)
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 08:57:18 AM pela Haslinda
I live in a city state. While I hate the noise and pollution, love the vibrancy, the hustle and bustle of city life. Totally support the idea of having editorials for this assignment. What's life in the city without the people?

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 09:09:51 AM pela Sadman0026
I will vote too for an exception for this subject!

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 09:23:18 AM pela Samrat35
It should be editorial -otherwise this is not possible to submit photographs for this contest--I think if you need so many good photographs on this assignment then you think about model release problem.
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 09:26:07 AM pela Nikitu - o membro é um administrador
This has been asked before, we don't accept editorial images for assignments due to the terms and conditions of assignments.

You will have to be creative and work your way around it.
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 09:37:31 AM pela Sangiorzboy - o membro é um administrador
Although crowds of people would be nice but impossible to get mr's for everyone, you can still use the motion as your ally. long exposures may give great results visually, and also blur the moving crowd as far as the crowd is the problem. You can also bring your friends and family out and make your own little crowd.

You may find this link useful regarding the vast possibilities this assignment allows.

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 09:42:04 AM pela Miketanct
I can bet my bottom dollar that the first approved submission is going to be an illustration. ;)
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Mensagem editada em 06/30/2011, 09:59:58 AM pela Wysiwygfoto
I've got a great image of a neon sign of the Bluebird Theater here in Denver (the band name and the theater name on the illuminated neon billboard being an issue) and a few punk rockers dressed for the show in would be awesome but definitely an editorial image.

No worries - I may give it a shot trying to keep it commercial...but it's a tough assignment!

Coincidentally, I saw this video yesterday and it may be a good reference for those wishing to contribute....

Adorama TV - Street Photography

Good luck everyone!

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 11:13:24 AM pela Neirfy
I like this contest very much! Try to make something

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 11:35:04 AM pela BCritchley - o membro é um administrador
To be fair to DT, they throw $600 in prizes at this. I think it's fair that they would expect people to go to the trouble of getting MR's signed to achieve pro looking shots like this    Smiling girl drinking a coffee   

Good luck everyone :-)
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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 13:27:27 PM pela Llareggub
I definately do not like living in the City but I do love the idea of this assignment and the variety of shots it could produce... Unfortunately DT is going to make me make the 350km round trip to my nearest city (Budapest) so I can play, thanks DT lol ;)
Camera and time :D

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 16:14:57 PM pela Karenfoleyphotography
This will be a great challenge to capture the vibrancy of a city without using editorials ... can't wait to see what folks come up with!

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Mensagem enviada em 06/30/2011, 17:12:26 PM pela Androniques
Karenfoleyphotography, I can only agree... and BCritchley's remark hits actually right in the bull's eye :) even though I can't even think right now what I could shoot non-editorial for this assignment.
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