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Andres Rodriguez


London, United Kingdom
Andres Rodriguez (Andresr)


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Andresr Imaging is a London based company who specialize in shooting lifestyle stock imagery. Andresr Imaging’s portfolio consists of 35,000 and 50 images are added every single day. Photography and Video productions focus on shooting multi-ethnic and Latin American people on various locations. The team consists of 6 employees in total. Meticulously researching our shoots have helped us become one of the world's top selling Microstock producers. We are known for having a large portfolio ... mais

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December 7, 2004
Canon 5D MKIII, (22mp) 8 L range Canon lenses and a lot of Strobes, Umbrellas, Tripods, Softboxes etc ... Photoshop CS6 is our tool to retouch our images leaving them flawless
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Business people and business concepts are our main strength but you will find a huge variety in my portfolio including, people, objects, 3d images and illustration.
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Fotógrafo em destaque entre March 14, 2005 e March 21, 2005