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Contributors: Following regulations in France about models' weight & photo depiction, effective since October 2017, Dreamstime asks its contributors to add a body/figure manipulation notice, where applicable. This notice informs designers that the model's figure has been retouched. Contributors, kindly visit the upload section or image edit pages, for files previously uploaded.

The Digital Media Licensing Association asks for copyright owners' support on creating a small claims court, read more here. This is important for copyright owners, so have your say in this. Get involved!

New blog contest theme in January: Billboards, Banners, Business Cards and Ads - How-To. Please join in with your useful tips and tricks and win $600 worth of prizes. Check the details.

70 million files online! We've just reached a new milestone thanks to our busy bee contributors. Designers, explore the mountains of Madeira, Portugal, and download the lucky image to win 100 FREE credits. See more details here.

Designers and contributors: Join our blog re-design celebration. We're launching a one-month blog marathon and you can win $300, $200 or $100 for writing useful articles about design and stock photography.

Contributors: Quick sale opportunity! Buyers are looking for specific locations in your country. If you have images that match their searches, upload them asap. Boost your sales even more and check other countries/regions they're interested in. See the list here.

Contributors, due to a server delay, some files were not processed. We're expecting a full recovery at this time, but if your images don't show up in the Unfinished files section, please re-upload them. Thank you all for your understanding.

Contributors: As of today, we're also accepting .svg format files for vectors.

Our Royalty Free goes Limit Free! We're happy to premiere a new, limitless Royalty free license that allows you unlimited print copies for any media downloaded under our standard RF, commercial or editorial. Previously acquired RF licenses can be upgraded by the purchase of a new license for the same media. More on our Terms page here.

Our 60 millionth images has just been spotted online, lit by a beacon of light. Designers, ready for your seafaring adventure? Download the milestone image here and you can win 100 free credits. More on our message board

Watch your head(er)! We're happy to announce a complete re-design of our site header, a new item page and improved search result pages. There's more to it so please join the complete announcement HERE and offer us your feedback.

Milestone alert: We've just reached our 55th million file online and we're also announcing new updates to this contest. Please join the discussion HERE and see the lucky image as well.

54 million files online! New milestone reported. Designers, looking for some healthy food for your projects? Here it is! Download it and you can win 100 FREE credits. Go to the marketplace here.

Yummy milestone ahead! We've reached 53 million online files so let's feast our eyes with a delicious looking milestone image here. Designers, you're in for a special treat of 100 FREE credits if you download this file. For comments and more info, see here

Happy to announce our new milestone: we're now 52 million files. The lucky image can bring our designers 100 FREE credits. Download it here. See the strange message we've received.

Tax form update for contributors! We have updated the tax forms for contributors, please access the Tax Center and fill in the new forms. More details here

Hear hear, the AUDIO section is now LIVE and sounding great. Enjoy the music! Read more about this here.

Cyber Monday comes with fresh content and a new milestone thanks to our great community. Our 51th million file is a sweet video of a baby, so designers hurry up and download it for a chance to win 100 FREE credits. Check it out. The party is HERE.

We've got fifty million reasons to celebrate the Dreamstime community today as we've reached 50 million online images. Designers, download the milestone image and you enter the competition for 100 free credits. Join celebrations here

New milestone in the house: 49 million files online already. That was fast! Thank you everyone for making this possible. Designers can win 100 FREE credits if they download the image. Join the cheering crowd here.

Breaking! Two milestones in one month! Heading quickly to 50 million files. Hurry up, designers! 100 free credits are at stake if you download the image that hit the milestone. Let's play in autumn leaves HERE.

Exclusive contributors: check this thread for important updates in the exclusivity program.

New milestone! There are 47 million files online and counting, thanks to our hardworking contributors. Designers can get lucky and win 100 free credits if they download the milestone image. The party is HERE.

Happy Yorkshire Day! What a beautiful match! If you're in need of an awwww moment, here it is: our 46th million file. Designers, don't miss the chance to win 100 free credits and also to impress your clients: download the milestone image now. Everyone, join us here.

Contributors, payment request procedure update! Read more here

Somebody's watching you, it's our 45 millionth image. Designers, there's a prize flying by: download the milestone image and enter our competition for 100 free credits. More on milestones here.

Your downloads, forever yours! From now on, you can RE-DOWNLOAD AT ANY TIME all files you previously licensed. The re-download link will be always and forever active in your Download cloud right here for you to have and to hold for as long as you treat it gently. Enjoy it!

Today is about all of us so let's turn back the time and remember our childhood dreams. Don't remember? We give you a hint HERE. Happy Children's Day everyone!

Our 44th million file online shows us how to shave a beard. If male designers want to take some lessons and also win 100 free credits, they need to hurry up and download the lucky image. Celebrate here.

A toast to all dreamstimers and congrats for the 43 millionth image, now online here. Designers, enjoy a glass of drink with us and download the milestone image. Here's to your chance to win 100 free credits. More details here

Contributors: We're open for AUDIO submissions and we're looking forward to hearing you! Read more details here

We proudly present our newest project,, a platform for designers to enjoy a more user-centered experience, refined relevant search results, a new design, new technologies and a new home for our amazing collection of +42 million images. And because we know the image matters for your projects, you have flexible plans, straightforward price, all Royalty Free. Just come check us out on Megapixl!

We've reached 42 million images today. It's colorful, it's wild and it's our new milestone image. Download it for a chance to win 100 FREE credits! Thank you everyone and more here

Just reached 41 million files! 100 FREE credits are at stake for our designers if they download the milestone image and enter our competition. Raise your champagne glass here.

License update for W-EL and P-EL: Following a market research, as of March 1st the P-EL and W-EL extended licenses will be upgraded to allow designers unlimited number of printed/electronic items (up from 10,000). EL licenses are available with credits or the newly introduced EL subscriptions.

40 million files!The new year starts with a round number thanks to all our Dreamstimers. Designers, hurry up and download the lucky image for a chance to win 100 FREE credits. Everyone, the party is here!

Due to inclement weather and ice our call center is temporarily unavailable. We expect to be fully operational by Monday morning at 8:00am CST. Please email us with your questions or concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will respond to all voicemails as soon as possible. Thank you.

13. Not a bad reason to celebrate a milestone. Thanks to each one of you, we've reached 13 million users. And counting! We're really grateful for joining us. We promise quality and fun all the way!

Welcome 2016, goodbye 2015. We've just reviewed last year's top choices and stock essentials here and we're looking forward to new dreams come true this year. May you all have an amazing 2016!

Santa's got special presents for everyone this year: 50% OFF on all plans until midnight, December 25th and 100% royalties on all sales made on Christmas day. Happy Holidays and join the merry thread here

Like selfies? We've got a fresh one for you, it's our 39 millionth image and it's looking great. Designers who pick and download this image enter our competition for 100 free credits. Follow milestone discussions here

Splash! Our new milestone is here. The 38th million image can bring our designers 100 free credits if they enter our competition by downloading the image. If you want to see an image that can make your day, follow us here.

EL Subscriptions and Video Subscriptions Now Live and 20% OFF: We're launching today new subscriptions for volume downloads of videos and extended license images. Check out prices and options for new plans here and don't miss the 20% discount for early buyers. More details, comments and feedback here.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Saturday, November 7th, 02:00 AM CDT. Some of the services may be unavailable for up to 60 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Incredibly dived into a pond and hit our 37th million image online. Designers, hurry up and download the lucky image so you can enter our competition for 100 free credits.  You're welcome to share your enthusiasm here.

We think school is cool, that's the reason we're offering you, both students and teachers, a 50% discount on any subscription and credit package you choose. Time is on your side by the end of October. Just follow our campaign HERE and upload your student/teacher ID.

A happy couple is tying the knot and we're celebrating our 36th million online image. We're inviting all designers to enter our competition for 100 free credits by downloading the milestone image. Everyone's invited to take part in this double special event with congrats, thoughts and comments here

A beautiful fairy paid us a visit and brought the 35th million file online. 100 free credits can be won by our buyers if they enter the competition by downloading the image. You're invited to share your thoughts here.

Subscription upgrade: Creativity knows no limits so we've dropped the daily limits and included rollover feature for all subscriptions. Designers can now download all monthly images in one day or any day while unused downloads always get transferred for active subscribers. Great plans deserve great beginnings so there's also a special release price: 20% OFF on all subscriptions. Try our new plans, now with a discount HERE

Contributors, are you ready for some home improvement? No worries, you'll do the fun part - taking pictures! Join our newest assignment and enter the competition for our $$$ prizes and branded t-shirts. Upload your Home Improvement images here.

Scheduled maintenance for upgrades, July 11th: To improve overall site experience, we'll be performing upgrades during a scheduled maintenance starting from midnight CST on Saturday, July 11th. Our service may not be available for up to a couple of hours but we'll do our best to make this interval as short as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Already 34 million files! Designers can win 100 FREE credits if they download the image of the day. More about the winner, here.

Freedom of Panorama threatened by new proposal of harmonisation of copyright laws across Europe. Read about it here.

Create as you go with our recently launched Stock Photos mobile app for buyers. Search, zoom-in, save images, share lightboxes and download directly on your smartphones and tablets. Download apps for Android and iPhone/iPad and say eurekaaapp, your design is ready in just minutes. Tell us what you think here

33! Another million stories in images and videos have been added to our beautiful database. Our new milestone is here. 100 FREE credits are waiting for our designers. See the merry conversation.

The magic word of the day: 32. Just counted our 32 millionth file online thanks to our contributors. Buyers have the chance to win 100 FREE credits if they download the file. Curious about the winner? Check it HERE.

Referral program participants: Some of you may notice an increase in earnings these days. Due to a technical glitch, some of your referred buyers' transactions have not been marked as referred purchases. This has been remedied and the earnings have been added retroactively. More details...

31 million images online on the very 1st of April! This is serious. Our contributors do the magic as always. Join our merry discussion HERE. 100 FREE credits are waiting for our buyers if they join the contest and download the winner footage.

NEW TOOL for sales predictions: Dreamstime laboratory will soon reveal a new tool that will allow contributors to interconnect with the buyers on a mindset level. It can be used to connect with each buyer after they downloaded photos or with the whole community of buyers. Not only will the contributor be able to foresee what the buyer needs, but the photographer will also be able to anticipate their needs. More details here: BETA PROJECT.

Upload issues: There are some difficulties with the upload process due to technical reasons. Upload may be slower than usual in the next 24 hours. Our team is currently working to fix this. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

You're one in ten million outstanding people who make this community wonderful. Congrats and thanks for making this new milestone possible. We're 10 million and counting!

Blink blink! 30 million images online and still counting thanks to our hardworking contributors! Let's celebrate this important milestone HERE. 100 free credits can be added to designers' accounts if they enter the contest and download the lucky image.

Remote editors wanted! Now's your chance to join our dream team, we've got openings for the remote editor position. If you feel you're up to the job, go ahead and apply here

We are so close to reach 30 million images online. Until then, we're awarding our 29th million image: 100 free credits are waiting to be won by our designers if they enter the competition by downloading the image. Curious about the winner? Here's a tip, it's an illustration which you can admire here.

A dream come true: After months of testing and thorough analyses, Google chooses Dreamstime in order to integrate stock photography into their advertising products: Google display ads will use a large number of images from our collection, this collaboration being beneficial to both advertisers and photographers. We invite all of you to be as excited as we are and to find more details about this collaboration in our special announcement.

Contributors, very important for your tax forms: Please make sure we have your current address on your tax form so you receive them in a timely manner. Updating the address on your account profile does NOT change the address on the tax form you submitted to us. Please email us if you need that changed on your tax form.

Dreamstime Santa is already here and he brings presents to everyone. Starting today, December 22, our clients enjoy 50% OFF on all our plans and packages. Our contributors will be awarded 100% royalties from all their sales until December 25 included. Ho-ho-ho here!

Weekly subscriptions now renew monthly for the same price, with a twist: unused downloads from the current plan are automatically transferred to the same new ones as long as the recurring option is ON. Download transfer will be available for new and previous active subscriptions.

Santa brings us our 28 millionth image on Dreamstime. We couldn't have gotten a nicer present. Designers and art directors can win 100 free credits for downloading it. Post your thoughts here.

THANK YOU! Our family has just got bigger again. We've just passed 9 million users. We are grateful to each one of you. You are Dreamstime. You make Dreamstime special. Cheerleaders are here!

Site issues: Some parts of the site might experience delayed updates. Information will be updated soon. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Details, here.

Stock footage is the 27th million file uploaded on Dreamstime, hitting a new milestone. Designers, you have 100 free credits for downloading the winner. Post your thoughts and let's see what our next milestone brings.

#Roaring25 THE CRAZY WINNER: $6,100 Grand Prize is heading to Karen Foley, with a 29.45 score. Take a look at all scores here and let's hip hip hooray on the discussion board.

Breaking news: "Designers Also Selected These Stock Photos" feature and a new Social Media tool. The new personalization feature is meant to deliver the most relevant information, suggesting the best products to customers based on personal preferences, while the new social media function is designed to give a boost to images shared in social media. Details are here. Let's talk!

The 26th million image sends all the love to you. Designers can download it from here and they can win 100 free credits. Let's talk about it.

The Roaring 25 assignment just rolled out and there's a $6,100 cash prize. Join in, there are 10 themes to choose from and plenty of time to shoot your best images. Discuss more here.

Today your dreams break a new barrier, the 25th million mark. We give you image number 25,000,000. Talk about it here.

Meet the Dreamstime Companion App - our mobile app for photographers, phonegraphers and every passionate about photography. You can easily submit photos while on the go, using your iPhone or Android phone. Try it and tell us your impressions here.

All Dreamstime bloggers, let us introduce our new tool for cropping images in your Dreamstime blog posts. Not only that it's easy to use, but it will also make your articles look professional in 3 steps. See all about it.

OLE, OLE, OLE! 24,000,000 images online! These days it's all about football, so designers, download the lucky image and you can win 100 free credits. Join the conversation here.

Whether you are a father or you have shared memorable moments with your dad, join our special contest for the upcoming Father's Day and you can win £100 or $100 in Amazon vouchers. More details here.

We are testing an improved search layout: larger thumbnails and better use of screen space should translate into a better user experience. The new layout is being tested on a limited number of users. If you're amongst the lucky ones, we'd love to hear your feedback.

Updated version of Dreamstime WordPress Plugin! Our plugin has been updated so the designers can illustrate their blog articles with previously downloaded images for free and the photographers can insert their own images with no costs.

New milestone is here: 23,000,000 images online. We're happy and proud and we invite designers to download the image so they can win 100 free credits. Cheers to the winner here.

Happy Earth Day! Today all our subscription plans are 15% OFF and for each one you choose we will donate 5% to charity: water. Buy and donate!

Dreamstime WordPress Plugin is ready to be used. Please welcome our new tool that will help bloggers illustrate their posts easier and faster. Try it here and join conversation on the special thread.

The Copyright Alliance is seeking videos from artists and supporters on why the arts matter. Read more about it and what you can do HERE

The more the merrier. The 22,000,000th image has just been uploaded on Dreamstime! An iPad is ready to be sent to the winner. Also, designers can enter our competition for 100 free credits if they download the lucky image. For discussions and congrats, join us here.

New Upload Section. Faster, brighter, easier! We just launched a complete redesign of our Upload area, contributors please give it a try and send us your feedback.

21,000,000 images! A new milestone image has just been uploaded. The winner takes an Apple iPad while designers can enter our competition for 100 free credits if they download this image. Curious about the winner image? For discussions, join us here.

Contributors, let's begin the new year grandly! We expect great images in 2014, we know your creativity is unlimited so we've raised the upload limits to...almost no limit. The current upload limit is set high to 7,000 submissions/week, with exclusives obviously enjoying 50% extra submissions. Start uploading, there's no limit to what we can achieve together.

And the assignment photographer of the year 2013 is.... Nominees and winners revealed here. For congratulations and comments, visit our Message Board.

Contributors: Exciting news from Payoneer! You have immediate access to your funds at no cost until April 1 and you can withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly to your local bank account. Read more here

Santa has got a present for everyone this year, naughty or nice: 50% OFF on all purchases and 100% royalties from all sales on Christmas Day. Plus, you can use our FREE ECARDS to send merry thoughts and festive wishes. Merry Christmas everyone and a wonderful holiday season!

Time to dream again, take two: video clips are now available for sale. Stock Footage & Video Clips: from the old school SD to the high-definition 1080 and the dramatic ultra HD 4k. Videographers, submit your video clips here. Sky's the limit!

Pantone has announced their Color of the Year. And it's PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014. Find more info here.

Less than a month away from this year's end and Christmas, we have the perfect closing and the best gift: 20 million online images. Designers, an early Santa carries 100 free credits: download the milestone image and enter the competition. Happy milestone day everyone and congratulations! Join discussions here.

Happy Thanksgiving! We thank all Dreamstimers for their membership, support and business. Our thanks come with a Black Friday treat: 50% OFF on all credit packages and subscriptions. Discount applies to all purchases made as of now until midnight CST Cyber Monday, December 2.

It's almost midnight and we've boiled a cauldron of terrifyingly attractive treats for you. Check out our spooky Halloween collection, today 30% OFF! Don't forget to share the chills and send some horror FREE Halloween ecards. Have a faBOOlous time tonight.

It's time to dream again, the video footage section is now officially open for submissions. Contributors, your dreams came true, you can upload your stock videos here. Designers, your dream videos will soon be available for download, stay tuned. Comments, feedback and updates go here.

New search results page and image page, now live: We've recently launched improved layouts for the search results page and the image page, the latter available only to part of our members for now. You're welcome to review and assess the new page designs, we're looking forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Designers, rate your downloads! We're currently testing a new feature, available on your downloads page, which enables you to rate and add a review for the images you licensed. We'd love to have your valuable feedback, use this feature to send us your opinion on our images.

Sony announces the Alpha 7 and 7R full frame 24/36MP mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, along with 5 new FE mount lenses! Full frame arrives in a small package...

Don't pinch yourself, you're not dreaming: we've got a new milestone. The 19 millionth image is now online and you can see it for real here. Designers, download this image and enter our competition for 100 free credits. For congratulations and discussions on the new milestone go to our message board

Maintenance completed! We will be performing server maintenance on Wednesday September 25 and on Thursday, September 26, 2013, between 05:00 AM UTC and 01:00 PM UTC. There will be an 8 hour maintenance window but we do not expect service disruption for more than 30-90 minutes. You may also notice some update delays. Thank you for understanding.

Contributors: The upload limit has been increased to 1400 files/week. All exclusive contributors enjoy 50% extra submissions to their limit.

Now you can pre-crop your photos on in order to improve their appearance. We will save the pre-cropped version and they will appear as a genuine Facebook cover to the other users, in order to increase their chances of being downloaded. Read more here.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Thursday, August 15th, 01:45 AM CDT. Part of the services may be unavailable for up to one hour. Thank you for your patience.

Lightbox makeover, now live! We've made lightboxes easier to view and use, with an entirely new and simplified management panel. Check out the new improved look of our lightbox feature here.

The Dreamstime family is happy to announce the birth of a new royal milestone. Image 18 millionth is now online, admire it here. Designers, download this image to enter our competition for 100 free credits. The DT community will be happy to receive your comments and congrats on the public forum, found right here.

Spread the word, we've got a brand new format for referral links, now easier to add and use! The new format is a generic one so all you need to do is add #12345 to any site links, where 12345 is replaced by your referral code, and that's it. You're in the referral program enjoying the benefits of recommending us. Read more about the update here.

Stay connected, enhance authorship: Connect your Dreamstime account with Google+ in just a few seconds with our new feature, available now to all registered members. It's easy, connect here!

Assignments policy update: our latest theme, Wedding day, is now open and any contributor can participate, regardless of the number of online images. Submit wedding images and enter the competition for our assignment prices. Read more here

Canon develops new Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor for fast AF during live view and movies: Canon Dual Pixel AF

Designers: Image downloads on Firefox (iOS) are now easier to track with the new update from Mozilla. Read more

Contributors: The upload limit has been increased to 420 files/week. All exclusive contributors enjoy 50% extra submissions to their limit.

Our subscription plans are now 10-15% OFF for new members. Offer is valid in the first 24 hours so hurry up, get your plan and enjoy the highest quality images for the lowest rates.

Bell Labs Invents Lensless Camera: A new class of imaging device with no lens and just a single light sensitive sensor could revolutionise optical, infrared and millimetre wave imaging.

New, 1000 times more sensitive image sensor proposed, made from the novel material graphene. Read the article.

Dreamstimers, we are now 6 million! We've just welcomed our 6 millionth member earlier this week so happy milestone to the community and millions of thanks to each and every one of you. You make Dreamstime million times special.

We reached the 17 million images mark, and it's all about love. Download this image and your can win 100 credits.An Apple iPad is going to Georges Kyrillos for his photographic effort: Water Heart.

Contributors: A new download structure for images older than 4 yrs/donated is now live to generate more revenue for our contributors.

Exclusive contributors can now connect their Dreamstime accounts with Google+ for enhanced authorship recognition of their images.

Linking to Dreamstime is easy and important. Direct linking and why it's beneficial. Your help matters!

Smile, the new Cameras section is ON! See how the world fits into camera brands and search for images by camera brand, model and lense type. Please share your comments and feedback here.

We're excited to announce the release of the new header and footer today. Inspired by the community's needs, the new optimized layout is easy to navigate and intuitive. Enjoy it and don't forget to add feedback here.

Our 16 million image brings a green change of scenery as we travel to a tea plantation in Uganda, Africa. Designers, download the milestone image and enter our competition for 100 free credits. Congratulations and comments go here

Until Valentine's Day, we've got some LOVEly surprises for you: 30% OFF on our love collection and free romantic e-cards you can send your sweethearts.

'Tis the season to be jolly so Happy Holidays and a great New Year everyone! Spread some of the seasonal cheer around with our merry and free ecards, especially designed by us for you to send your love to family and friends. Send free ecards from here .

Pantone Colour Institute has crowned the colour of the 2013:a lively, radiant, lush PANTONE 17-5641 emerald green. Find more info here.

Contributors, beware of phishing emails: Do NOT open any links from unsolicited emails, especially the ones that require login or any other account-related sensitive info. Read more about how to protect yourself here.

Up to 25% OFF on all download plans from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, midnight CST. Enjoy a long week-end of discounts and deals here.

Lytro steps forward into technological evolution. Besides focus, you can also change the perspective in photos now. See more here.

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) would like to congratulate all Canadian photographers in Canada on this important date and pivotal achievement in the photographic industry. As of today, Canadian photographers now officially own the copyright to all of their work whether the photograph is commissioned or not, thanks to the new Copyright law.

Dreamstime goes mobile! As of today, we're officially accepting content photographed with mobile phones and digitally signed MRs (only via approved Apps). We have also added a new image category, "Mobile". The latest additions come just in time for US Elections and our new assignment, "Going mobile" destined mainly to fervent phone-graphers. Read more here and here...

Image no. 15 million just flew by as we continue our flight to reach new milestones. Designers, download the milestone image & enter our competition for 100 free credits. Congratulations to the community for this new achievement, comments go here.

Pinterest Attribution Program Grows: Dreamstime Joins To Help End Battle Over Watermarked, Copyrighted Images. Read all about it on Techcrunch!

So much talk about the US Presidential we created a way for you to tell us who has the looks. Come share your thoughts with us here.

Canon has revealed its newest DSLR, the EOS 6D:similar size and weight to the EOS 60D, making it the world's lightest DSLR to feature a full-frame CMOS sensor. More info...

Nikon has announced the D600, the smallest, least expensive full frame DSLR on the market, aimed directly at enthusiast photographers. The D600 is built around 24MP, 36x24mm, CMOS sensor and crams many of the features of the more expensive D800 into a distinctly D7000 body. More info here.

200 years of photography so far and we're part of it, all 5 million of us. We're HERE now but stock photography is history in the making. Let's make history!

We have recently welcomed our 5 millionth user to the community. There are well over 5 million members now (5,051,402 today). Congratulations to each and every one for making this community wonderful and special! Party here...

Contributors: The regular upload limit has been increased back to 20 files/day (140 files/week). All exclusive contributors enjoy 50% extra submissions to their limits.

Stay tuned on Twitter (@Dreamstime) and Facebook for updates from the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas from 5th to 7th September! Contact office(at) to meet the Dream Team at the conference!

New flat lens technique stirs imagination of future cameras and optics in general - without any distortion.

Stock photo users and suppliers, take our newest fun quiz and find out which Stock Business Photography cliche you are and can't get enough of using. To see community feedback and comments on stock business photo cliches, visit thread

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Saturday, Aug 4th, 00:00 AM CDT. Part of the services may be unavailable for a short time interval. Thank you for your patience.

Canon releases mirrorless camera and two lenses: Canon EOS-M Press Release

Referral update: All referral shares are covered entirely by Dreamstime as of July 17th. Join our referral program and spread the good news, the referral commissions are on us! More details here

Subscription update: more downloads, same price! The image levels no longer apply for your subscription downloads and only ONE download will be deducted from your daily quota for each image you purchase, regardless of the level and size.

Image no. 14 million is now online, check it out here. Designers, don't forget about our milestone competition: download this image and enter the contest for 100 free credits. Comments and congratulations go here

We have performed a few site updates, if you encounter difficulties or get error pages, please contact support.

Meet, the place to get your Facebook cover photos. Join our discussion here.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Saturday, May 12th, 01:30 AM CDT. Part of the services may be unavailable for a short time interval. Thank you for your patience

Levels update scheduled for tomorrow, April 27 (01:00 AM CST). More info here.

Adobe launched new Creative Suite 6. For the first time CS applications are also available through Adobe Creative Cloud. Details can be found here.

Nikon launched the new entry level model D3200 which offers 24.2MP and a new lens 28mm f/1.8 AF-S for FX format. More info at Nikon News

April Fool's Day Game: Find Dorian the Court Jester and get knightly DISCOUNTS, FREE CREDITS and a king's crown for your avatar. Play the Dorian game, find and click on jesters hidden around the site and you'll get 25% OFF on any purchase made on APRIL 1st and 3 FREE credits for all friends you invite to sign up. Check the game description and rules

Want the new iPad? Or an iPod maybe? Promote Dreamstime and you can be the lucky winner. Check our Lucky Mondays campaign and see what you need to do for a shot at the special prizes. It's easy!

Contributors: Choose your portfolio-defining genres and allow designers to browse your portfolios this way. More details can be read here.

Today, Canon has released the successor of the extremely successful 5D Mk2. Here comes the long awaited Canon 5D Mk3. Fresh new information also Here.

Nikon launched two new models of DSLR FX camera's: Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E, both of them have 36 MP full frame format.

Dreamstime is available in five more languages: Chinese, Greek, Polish, Russian and Swedish. Forum discussion.

Image 13,000,000 is now online! Just in time for Valentine's day, we welcome our latest milestone image, a love message sent to all dreamstimers. Romantic designers, download the heart shaped water drops and enter our competition for 100 free credits. Read more here

Download issues: We experienced technical problems for several hours between Feb 2, 18:15 to Feb 3, 2:45 AM CST. These problems have been fixed and all services work properly now. Please use the redownload option if still available or contact support to receive the files you were unable to download. Thank you for understanding and we apologize for this inconvenience.

Contributors: Jan19th, at 4:00 AM CST the FTP upload will be turned off for 30 minutes due to maintenance tasks. Thank you for your patience. we'll try to restore it asap.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Sunday, January 15th, 01:00 AM CST. The services may be unavailable for 60-90 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Fujifilm has just announced its digital rangefinder flagship, the all-new Fujifilm X-Pro 1. Manual controls, 16mp sensor and interchangeable prime lens are just a peek on the goodies.

Canon launches the new Canon PowerShot G1X large sensor zoom compact, with an almost APS-C size sensor incorporated link here

Contributors: It's that time again...Tax time. Please make sure that the address you have listed on your tax form is still accurate for mailing purposes. If this has changed, please contact support to have this updated. You can view your tax form by going to "Management Area"/"Tax Center".

Nikon releases on the market two new hot products. Nikon D4 body and Nikon 85 1.8 AF-S G lens are released on market and they are available for preorder.

Curious about the featured photographers? You get to ask and they get to answer. Join our message board thread and post the questions you would like to ask those contributors featured on the home page. Tips, tricks, advice, secrets, you're about to read them all! Just ask here!

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Contributors: We've just added the updated Model and Property Release forms online. The new forms are available only in English for now and can be found in your Utilities section here. Read more about this update at link

Referral program members are now able to see what website is behind their latest referral transaction. More details...

The "Give Thanks, Give back donation campaign is now officially closed. Thank you for your support, comments, kindness and generosity. You have donated $3,235 and as promised, we'll match this amount! The charity you've voted to receive the donation is Doctors without Borders

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The Give Thanks, Give Back campaign continues until Monday, November 28th and donations are accepted here until the mentioned date. Don't forget that you decide where the money go so tell us which charity should receive it here. Together we can make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Join us in sharing the blessings of Thanksgiving with those less fortunate and participate in our Give Thanks, Give Back campaign. Donate credits/earnings and we'll match your donation! You decide where the donations go so tell us which charity you think deserves a donation here

Canon launches a new camera, the Canon Cinema EOS C300.

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Legendary Rock Photographer Barry Feinstein passed away today at the age of 80. May his images live forever.

Lytro's unbelievable focusing technology is materializing in the form of an intuitive camera in 2012. Lytro's website

Canon announces next Flagship model, 18mp fullframe, 12fps, Dual Digic 5+ processor, merging the D and Ds lines - EOS 1D X

Adobe demoed a new unblur feature that figures out the motion trajectory of the camera during the time the shutter was open and uses that information to reconstruct a sharp version of a blurry photo. Video here.

iPad no. 5 goes to student Thomas Colleoni. The student discount promotion ended today and we've still got five more iPads to award to five referral program participants. Read more here

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011. Thank you for the fonts!

Fourth iPad goes to Denise Kanir. Six more iPads await their owners, don't miss our student discount promotion

Third iPad winner is Anna Deszi. We've still got 7 more iPads to give so don't miss our current student promotion

First iPad winners: the first of our ten iPads meet its owners: David Kwan from Seattle, US and Jan Schneider from Bonn, Germany. More details here

Nikon has announced the two mirrorless camera: The New Nikon J1 and V1 Cameras as Well as Four New Ultra-Portable Lenses. Both camera include 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensors, HDMI / USB connectivity, a 1200fps slow motion capture mode, 3-inch LCDs, 10fps shoot. More info at Nikon official site.

We're a melting pot, we're colorful and different, yet we're the same. We're the Dreamstime community and we celebrate today our 12th million online image. Happy milestone day to us and many more to come! Read more here

Dreamstimers, the academic year starts OFF great! Check out our latest promotion for students and not only. You can get our 25% discount on any image and/or one of the ten iPads we're giving to those who download images and/or refer us to their friends. More details here

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Contributors: We've increased the upload limit to 20 files/day (140 files/week).

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