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Tips to Make Your Holiday Cards Stand Out

It's almost Christmas and if you haven't sent your love and best wishes yet, here's how to do it with maximum effect. Thanks to our editors, Tamara, Kathy, Francesca, Florin and Kutt, Dreamstime is happy to bring you a dozen of useful tips on how to make your holiday cards stand out this winter.Make it personalThere's nothing like using a photo, painting, a doodle or a clipart of your family, pets and even distant relatives. Add some effects, a funny message and you&... continue reading

Control your impulses (and your cash!)

As photographers, we love technology. We read reviews and magazines about the latest and greatest body and sometimes drool over the new lens that is released by our favorite manufacturer. After all, we see gorgeous images from leading professional photographers that use the latest equipment and get fantastic results. If only we had that lens, we could do the same!Of course, life is not like that! I’m no different in wanting to get the best image quality I possibly can even though I might rarely... continue reading

ISO 100, the tripod and the edge of the cliff

"Me !" "Me !!" "Me !!!" Every new camera, every new lens is shouting to us to buy it, as if it is the only thing we need to improve our photography. The year 2018 has been really exciting , with declining sales of dslrs, sales of mirrorless cameras increased worldwide. NIKON and Canon joined Sony in serious mirroless camera war and we, as potential buyers, are left with plenty of choices to make.For me, in this age when new camera models are fed into market in every three... continue reading

Kodak Baby Brownie and Friends

Reminiscing on how my late father presented me, a young lad of 11 (now 64) with a Kodak Baby Brownie 120 roll film camera. That thing takes forever to advance to the next frame by winding a knob (no lever here). It had only 12 shots so every click of the shutter button should count.Even at that time, I had a fair understanding of lighting after seeing my dad set up an occasional home studio using two 500 watt American surplus incandescent bulbs. Those beasts... continue reading

If I can have a new camera...

Back when I was extremely young my family let me play with an old broken camera as a toy. How old is it? I think it's one of those that being sold in the 50's or so. I didn't know that it's camera, just a black box thing with something shiny, and when you look in to this little glass hole, and clicked it make a cool noise. After I grown up a bit, I am introduced to the Polaroid camera, in which I wanted it so bad but we can't afford it. S;o I got another new broken camera... continue reading

The Christmas hand me down

Well I will be getting a new to me (aka used) Sony A6500 to use along side my Sony A6300 which will be used as a backup. I have used the A6300 quite a lot. I also have another brand of camera which is my current backup and is very capable and has many of the same features as my A6300 but when all is said and done when it comes time to grab a camera I grab the Sony. I will not mention the brand or model of my current backup because who needs a discussion on which brand is better, especially... continue reading

How to make a stock photographer

As is common with us photographers, we love our equipment, without it we wouldn't be photographers!Recently my Canon 450D's shutter clicked it's last frame, I'd bought it second hand for a holiday and justified the purchase by telling myself I'd make my money back by signing up for stock photography sites. I loved SLR's, and knew they gave good results, I was given a Pentax K1000 as a teenager and had learnt about apertures and shutterspeeds from it, and I... continue reading

30 Years of Photography, Film to Digital

Although I didn't get camera equipment for Christmas, my camera equipment is constantly evolving.As I have been taking photos for the past 30 years, and have published in many newspapers and print magazines, I started in film photography, and it took me awhile to switch to digital.When I was shooting film, I always shot Nikon cameras, and owned at least three, as well as several lens. My first digital camera was a small Kodak camera, which I still use as a 'carry around' camera.... continue reading

Passing down camera to grandsons

My Sony NEX 7 mirrorless camera is my go-to favorite - but its time to upgrade. All these pics are shots with Sony NEX 7. Will pass this camera on to my 12 year old grandson. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie hand-me-down from my mother. I had a dickens of a time learning how to thread the 127mm film. After a few years of perfecting my shots with the Brownie, there was a Kodak Extralite with the 110mm pop-in film (big disappointment as a camera but I was a cool teenager with the latest pocket... continue reading


I'd like to share a brief description of my trip to Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary. It is surely one of the most baeutiful city in Europe and it is worth a visit. This year I was there with my wife to enjoy landmarks and the surrounding nature. But even if we like mountains the most, we have to admit that buildings there are special mainly int the evening or at night.In autumn time, we were pleased to see the evening city from 4 to 5 pm. We can enjoy illuminated historic buildings... continue reading

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