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Tom Dowd


Boynton Beach, United States
Tom Dowd (Blueice69caddy)


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Extreme No Fear Casual Adventure Photography ;o)
Freestyle... Tropical Vibe... Pro Quality! (Mostly... Usually... Sometimes... ;O) Cheers!

Rules? I heard about those... ;O)

Before I moved to Florida (Early in 2010) I lived near Seattle WA for 15 years... I was born in San Francisco CA and lived in and around the Bay Area and Northern CA for 31 years before that...

Thanks for stopping by!

Senor Bahama

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December 26, 2006
Nikon, Adobe, Nik and other fun stuff :O)
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Life as it happens! Outside, landscapes, casual adventures, travel and tropical places, bands, concerts, shows, events, wild and not so wild life, product, people places and things!
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