Richard Petersen


Culebra, Puerto Rico
Richard Petersen (Captyaya)


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Well I'm no expert thats for sure, that being said, I would suggest to anyone who loves photography to pursue shooting things u enjoy in your free time. Also there are a number of little groups available for free on the internet that often give out free user tips and tricks out there these days. Some of it is repetitive but there is always some little gem of knowledge in those articles. Also take as many shots as u can from different angles and distances, you may never have the time or chan ... mais

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June 7, 2015
In my camera bag I have a few camera toys but not a lot. I have an old Nikon D70s, a 177d 28-80mm Tamron, a 572D 70-300mm Tamron, and a recently acquired 100mm prime Tokina from a good friend as a gift.
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