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Kamaljeet Chugh


Indore, India
Kamaljeet Chugh (Chughkamaljeet)


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I am not particularly a follower of any ones work whether photography or fine art, though I regularly visit famous artists. My collection is from the far and wide and varied aspects of India.
I love to play with colors.I have my own views and I do whatever pleases me. I am happy that people appreciate my work which is the biggest source of inspiration.

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March 29, 2009
Nikon cameras both digital and analog. Lenses from 18 mm to 400mm, incl macro and lots of accesories compatible with my cameras. Mamiya 6x4.5 with normal lense lying unused. I have a huge collection of Slides, color negatives and B&W from all over India (virtually). I would like to preserve these pix for posterity and thats a big ask. Some of them are classics, thats for sure. They are getting ruined for whatever reasons and any help in this regard is earnestly solicited.
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