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William G. Rivera


Philadelphia, United States
William G. Rivera (Gusdoematik)


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A Photographic Vizual Dezigner trying to focus on the details that are missed in lifes struggles....

Inscrito em:
October 6, 2004
I use an Olympus 3.2mp Stylus Digital Camera, a Nikon 35mm Camera, and a Canon 20Ds Digital Camera. As well as my Mac PowerBook G4 laptop. I love to photo-manipulate an image using any software. I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop. I also use Lightwave for model creation.
Temas favoritos:
Graphitti art: because it's such a creative form of expression. Bikes, Cars, Boats and Planes: because when a person takes their time to recreate their vehicles to be faster and flasher then everyone else's then that shows dedication and creation on a whole different level, so I like to be there to capture those moments. Children: because they do the most funniest things imaginable and they are the reason we all should exist...

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