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Denise Dube


Long Beach, United States
Denise Dube (Itsduber)


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Got my first camera, a Minolta SRT 101 in the 70's as a bored American teenager in Iran.. Sold pictures to the Kayan Newpaper and other publications as a teenager. Came back to America and worked in Corporate America until I bought another camera for a European vacation in 2004. People actually asked to buy my pictures!...couldn't look back.. Photography is my drug.. my life...

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April 24, 2012
Canon 7D Canon 50D, 17-40 L, 28-70L, 70-200L, 70-400L are my main work horses, I have a few others for fun...
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I am facinated by everything I walk into... Love shooting night, landscape, children, pets...hell..I would love to shoot Pluto or Mars if I could!

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