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Joel Antunes


London, United Kingdom
Joel  Antunes (Joelantunesphotography)


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Originally from Vila do Carvalho, Covilha, Portugal, a very small village I have always been close to nature, especially in its wilder aspects, probably because of living on the mountain side. No doubt because of my early intimate contact with nature I have a deep and acute perception of beauty in all its aspects. Helping my father with his flock of sheep in the rugged and desolate Serra Da Estrela or lending a hand to my grandmother around the farm has given me my inner calm and penetrating vis ... mais

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February 11, 2009
Canon 5D Canon 16-35 MKII L Canon 24-105 L Sigma 50MM EX Sigma 15MM FISHEYE Maymia 645 Sekor 50MM LEE FILTERS SOFT+HARD 105 B+W Polarizer
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