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Maayan Zelivansky


Tel Aviv, Israel
Maayan Zelivansky (Maayansart)


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it was childhood dream that came true when I first discovered my ability. it's my passion. it's a part of me. part of my soul and spirit . and so in everything that I do, that I create you can find a part of me. always.
hope you'll enjoy :-)

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August 25, 2016
Mostly I'm working with my tablets and cell phone, but I love to create in general. pen, pencil, watercolors, water pencils. as long as it is something that provide my hands the possibility to doooo😉😄
Temas favoritos:
all. I am always looking to involve, to learn more, to try what ever I can. as for now my work is mainly sketches of people, animals, flowers and generally nature. also big part is my patterns. I enjoy abstract as well. and I can surely say that I will just keep adding more and more. always on the look of the next challenge (so if you have something in mind.... 😉)

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