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Kadek Susanto


Rapid City, United States


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Kadek Susanto known mostly by the name Kris. Kris was born from a family of artist in His native Country Bali (Indonesia). Kris has been creating art since He was a young boy and he even won awards for His painting, at the age of 12 Kris already began selling His arts as a way to make money. In 2006 He came to United States Of America, following a job contract. He was instantly amazed by the landscapes in the United States and instead of drawing the landscapes He bought a camera and b ... mais

Inscrito em:
January 13, 2012
Canon 50D and canon 5D mark ii, canon 17-40mm f/4 l usm, lens, canon 70-200mm f/4 l usm lens, canon 400mm f/5.6 l usm lens, gitzo gt3530s carbon fiber tripod.
Temas favoritos:
landscape and animals

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