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Michal Jablonski


Tychy, Poland
Michal Jablonski (MikeJab)


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Mike is interested in photography in general since early teens. He never received any photographic education of any sort. Working for international airline as a flight crew, allows him to travel a lot. He was doing street photography for a long time, not even knowing that it is called that way. Pure amateur, but making photos on everyday basis, is it either personal photography of his life, his family and loved ones, or on the streets of various places worldwide. Influenced by work of such mast ... mais

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February 1, 2017
Leica M6 Leica M8 Fuji X-Pro 1 Ricoh GRD Ricoh GR1s Summicron 50 Summicron 35 Elmarit 28 Fujinon XF 10-24 f/4.0 Fujinon XF 23 f/2.0
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Aviation, Street Photography, Real Estate, Architectural, Landscapes, Fine-Art
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