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Motty Levy


Toronto, Canada
Motty Levy (Mottylev)


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My career as a photojournalist started in Israel, where I was born. While there, I worked for a variety of Newspapers and Magazines, including Hadashot, Maariv, Haretz, and The Jerusalem Post. After moving to Canada, completing some soul-searching, and familiarizing myself with my new home, I started to work as a Freelance photographer. I spent time exploring what aspects of my photographic experiences I most enjoyed, and which approaches resulted in some of my best work. It was obvious that bec ... mais

Inscrito em:
February 1, 2017
Nikon 800D and 28mm-70mm 2.8 Zoom lense. 35mm 2.f lense. 50mm 1.4f lense. 80-200mm Zoom lense. Olimpuse EP1 with 21-55mm 2.8 Lense
Temas favoritos:
Street photography, pepole in action, Nature.

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