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Gary C. Bartram


Simpsonville, United States
Gary C. Bartram (Munchkinpics)


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My true passion in photography is getting that hard to catch shot whether it is a hummingbird's wings stopped in motion, the moment the sun rays glisten off the water, the split second of amazing wildlife in nature or from the sparks that ignite that first wedding kiss to the unforgettable smile of a child with their favorite pet. These are the moments and memories I strive to capture for eternity.

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July 5, 2014
Currently using Nikon D7100 DSL with a backup D3200, Nikon 18/55 mm, Tamron 28/75 mm & 70/200 mm both 2.8 f, Sigma 150/500 mm 5.6 f and a 2x teleconverter, Manfrotto tripods. For Portraits Manfrotto backdrop support system, dual Strobelite with remote flash umbrellas, soft boxes and assorted backdrops.
Temas favoritos:
Wildlife, scenery, sunsets/sunrises, pets and people.

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