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Thomas Perkins


Fpo Ae, United States
Thomas Perkins (Perkmeup)


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"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world might be a little different...because I was important in the life of a child."

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August 21, 2006
Nikon D200 and D80 Nikkor 28-70 2.8f Great lens Nikkor 105VR 2.8f Macro....never comes off the camera. 70-200VR, 18-200VR, 12-28mm
Temas favoritos:
I love taking photos of people….especially kids. They can be so expressive and spontaneous that you can never tell what kind of picture you will get. We always have fun taking pictures…it’s like a game with them…and they get to dress up too!!! I also enjoy doing portrait photos for families, I really get a lot of satisfaction in giving my clients a photo that captures more than just the image….it captures the emotion and warmth of the moment as well. If you need something special for a project…visit my website and drop me a note. I always love seeing my photos in use and the kids really really love to see them also and to be able to show their friends really means alot to them.

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