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No thumbnails of images in "unfinished files" section!

Hi all

Just started as a new member/contributor and seem to have fallen at first hurdle and was wondering if anyone can help?

Uploaded 15 photos and want to edit but no thumbnails showing only red crosses so am unable to proceed any further.

Have submitted query via normal contact procedure but still awaiting a reply which may be sometime as weekend/easter break.

PS I am using IE 9 and have ticked show pictures in internet options/advanced/multimedia tag.

Thanks in anticipation

Nikon D7100 Nikkor 18-200 lens Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Afixado: 04/07/2012, 11:38:00 AM
Hi Bdofdon and welcome! I uploaded some yesterday and had the same issue but today the thumbnails appeared so hopefully the issue is being fixed.
Afixado: 04/07/2012, 16:46:55 PM
Hi Debra

Thanks for taking time to respond to my post but regretfully still the same today!

PS Like your pics & hopefully I will eventually will reach your high standards.
Nikon D7100 Nikkor 18-200 lens Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Afixado: 04/08/2012, 03:44:56 AM
What a very kind thing to say, thank you very much. So sorry to hear your still having a problem, even though its a holiday maybe someone will ring in here to help. Look forward to seeing your work and wish you lots of success here :)
Afixado: 04/08/2012, 08:47:34 AM
Temporary problem which will no doubt get fixed in the next day or two. Let them finish their chocolate bunnies and you'll see the problem fixed soon enough.
lens. Alien bees studio lights....
Afixado: 04/08/2012, 10:09:04 AM
OK seems I'm not the only one having problems but my initial worry was that it was my end and was the reason for my post - thanks.

Nikon D7100 Nikkor 18-200 lens Nikkor 50mm 1.8D
Afixado: 04/08/2012, 11:23:25 AM
When it says it could take up to "several hours" for a file to show up in my "unfinished" area, how long should I wait before something might me wrong? I uploaded some pictures about 15 hours ago and they still haven't shown up. The first picture I uploaded showed up in a few minutes but the others are still MIA.
Afixado: 06/13/2012, 21:39:07 PM
Ok, now I think something is wrong. I uploaded a file a couple hours ago and it has shown up in my unfinished files folder but the files I uploaded like 20 hours ago have not shown up. What could be causing this to happen?
Afixado: 06/13/2012, 23:07:29 PM