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Canon firmware update

Dear friends,

I am currently using Canon EOS 7D.
Would like to know is it possible to update directly to the latest version 2.0.5 from version 1.2.5. skipping several versions in between.
Thank you very much.
Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 450D, EF-S 15-85. EF-S 18-200, Canon S5IS,
Afixado: 11/20/2016, 21:30:58 PM
You should probably try the forum on the Canon site.
Canon 40D; 3d Studio Max; Terragen; Photoshop;
Afixado: 11/21/2016, 14:31:55 PM
Usually, it is. But, I'd try the Canon forum for verification, or call their support line.
Afixado: 11/24/2016, 23:47:12 PM