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Cindy Eccles


Wesley Chapel, United States
Cindy Eccles (Caeccles)


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Earth is home to many great and wondrous things, from strange life forms and their habitats to masterful monumental architecture and its struggle against decay. It is also home to billions of people with rich cultures, traditions, histories, and perspectives. I seek to capture the wonders of life and the planet's grandeur through both word and sight: some to entertain and others to educate. These stories are told through the eyes and mind of one person, experiencing only a fraction of t ... mais

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September 21, 2012
Canon 5dMKIV; 70D, EFS18-135mm; 70-200mm; 24-105mm, 10-22mm wide angle; 50mm 1.8 macro
Temas favoritos:
Gardens, landscapes, historic architecture, archaeological sites, ruins, people, culture, space

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