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Constantin Opris


Bucuresti, Romania
Constantin Opris (Costa007)


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I have had photography as a hobby for many years and decided to take it further about 6 years ago. Evolving rather as a self-educated photographer, with many technical books read till late hours and “The history of art” as my photography “bible”, I love being a photographer as I can discover myself as a person, and hopefully let others see little pieces of me... (very romantic:))

I used to be a member of the Dreamstime administration staff.

Inscrito em:
July 18, 2006
Sharp eyes, opened mind, two cameras, paper, pen, books, music and many more
Temas favoritos:
Conceptual visions "taken" from "seen reality". For stock I like to see and shoot images with real people in real life situations; the classic "smiling" stereotypes got me bored at one point - there are just too many "identical" millions
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