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Robert Hughes


Parkton, United States


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I have had an artistic bent most of my life. My current outlets are photography and guitar. I feel that photography opens one's eyes, just as the study of music opens one's ears. The world around us becomes a collage of color, pattern and texture. Suddenly you "see" in composition. A photographer is best served by the wide-eyed wonder and natural curiousity of a child. Much is revealed through these eyes.

Inscrito em:
June 5, 2006
Canon 30D, Canon 28-135mm IS USM, various Hoya/SunPak/HiTech filters, Tamron 17-70mm, Sigma 50-150mm, Mamiya RB67 Pro, Canon Rebel XT, various older film cameras
Temas favoritos:
Animals, Landscapes, Events, Concept Model Shots, Portraiture

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