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Carolyn Seelen


Blanchard, United States
Carolyn Seelen (Cscapes)


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Things catch my eye, and I feel like I've captured a moment now frozen in time I can carry with me. My learning has always been visual, and I love color! I'm simply a frustrated artist who found "closer to perfection" in photography. A photojournalism major with a biology minor, my creativity is balanced by the concrete disciplines of science.

Inscrito em:
April 14, 2005
Nikon 8800, Nikon 990, Canon AE1 with variety of lenses, Sea & Sea Motor Marine II, Minolta AF-2840 negative/slide scanner,
Temas favoritos:
underwater, nature, anything small/close-up, candid moments, sunrises and sunsets, naturally occuring dramatic lighting and patterns
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