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Sioux Falls, United States

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I started pursuing graphics and animation on an Amiga, eventually learning to the Video Toaster platform for video production at the University of Sioux Falls while I studied graphic design when majoring in Fine Art at Augustana University. I taught myself HTML in order to show-off my digital portfolio online. People liked it and I started working as a web designer. I designed a few logos, as I've always loved the design of intellectual properties, branding and the psychology behind marketing them. Because I had also worked at Gateway, I also started working as a tech part-time for the local community, fixing their computers. I worked on Windows capable PCs, Macintosh and Amiga. Sometimes I helped out the University of Sioux Falls with their Macs. As my web and graphic design clients required domain name registration and web hosting, and because I was intent on protecting my brand names and their domain name counterparts, I eventually starting moving into the technical world of domain registration and web hosting. I still love art, graphic design and website design. I manage a variety of online web properties for brands along a wide variety of interests. I don't promote most of those brands through Domain Hostmaster because DH sells to many of my peer designers, developers and their clients, so I don't step on their business. For that reason, Domain Hostmaster prices are kept low and affordable, the sales path includes less cross-selling and we don't spam anyone. This way professionals can get what they know they need without any hassle (no cross-selling web spam) and get back to work without interruption from spam sales emails and what-not.
Google Pixel XL or sometimes a Samsung Note 3 (or 2 for old shots). Usually, I do not retouch shots, but when I have to (like when I am creating seamless repeating background tiles) I use a Dell Inspiron (or for older shots a Sony Vaio), and ******** Photoshop Creative Suite 3.
Temas favoritos:
Landscapes, wildlife, flora, illustrations, sketches, graphics, brands and sculptures. Also old trucks, fast cars, hot rods and American motorcycles.

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