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Just subs sales thats all. How are they ever going to attract high-commercial value files? when all the are geared to sub sales! not clever.

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Gabriella! good shots but youre a generlist. In micro-stock your best bet is to specialize, find some sort of a niche! as a generalist you will need thousands and thousands of images to make a dent.Micro-stock is hardly the place where you get rich, tho ... [Ler mais...]

enviada em Popular photographers

What I find almost impossible to believe if it wasnt for personal experience is that the trad-agencies are selling more then EVER!!. its almost as if they been waiting for the micro-industry to work their way down the bottom and then cashing in.I have un ... [Ler mais...]

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Christian Lagereek


Stockholm, Sweden
Christian Lagereek (Fred11)


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Youre only as good as your last shot.

Inscrito em:
March 3, 2006
CanonMIII, Hasselblad HD5, Leica-S2, Canon 1Dx Canon MIII, Hasselblad HD5, Leica-S2, Canon 1dx II.
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Industry, technology, advertising, etc
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Fotógrafo em destaque entre March 28, 2013 e April 4, 2013