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nice pics one advice though try to pixalate or blur peoples faces in the PH when they are recognizable You may post them as editorials but it still is risky specially when noone of us know how these pics are gonna be used

enviada em "Travel Photography" Tips (August 17 Update!)

actually if you have a camera cell phone you can always put it out of your pocket and captrure the moment.the only downside with cell pics are they are limited to 72 dpi and not Raw. But on the other hand carrying the slr with you all the time even shopp ... [Ler mais...]

enviada em The One & Only Thing A Good Photographer Must Remember

Penposessed i agree you can always ask permission is just lately there is some sort of paranoia when you are doing photography in anything.kids photography is the biggest peoples paranoia of all.thats why i avoid it at any cost.i only took many pics of ... [Ler mais...]

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Emmanouil Varnas


Thessaloniki, Greece
Emmanouil  Varnas (Lostintimeline)


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April 20, 2014
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