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i tried this with a telephoto lens 70 to 300 mm and i captured many stars not visible in the sky and a trail of a moving plane.i usually use the iso 3200 above that it gets a big or huge amount of noise not even ph can fix it for you. but nice article b ... [Ler mais...]

enviada em Four Steps to Taking Great Photos of Stars and the Milky Way

nice pics one advice though try to pixalate or blur peoples faces in the PH when they are recognizable You may post them as editorials but it still is risky specially when noone of us know how these pics are gonna be used

enviada em "Travel Photography" Tips (August 17 Update!)

Emmanouil Varnas


Thessaloniki, Greece
Emmanouil  Varnas (Lostintimeline)


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April 20, 2014
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