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Ioana Grecu


Bucharest, Romania
Ioana Grecu (Nikitu)


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  • Vendas totais: 18,732
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Senior Editor/Admin and Social Media Wizard at Dreamstime. I have enjoyed photography ever since my father first introduced me in the world of arts as a child. Although I have not chosen a career as a photographer I happened to come across a job here, at your favorite microstock site, in 2005. That is when things took a 180 degrees turn and photography took its well deserved place in my life. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of photographers grow and mature into their portfolios and that is ... mais

Inscrito em:
May 12, 2005
Canon 6D, Canon G1x,Canon 550d, Canon 40d, Canon G10, Canon 20d, Canon 300v (film), assorted lenses
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you don't choose your subject, the subject chooses you.
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Fotógrafo em destaque entre September 26, 2005 e October 3, 2005
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