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Greg Biggs


Billings, United States
Greg Biggs (Pcimaging)


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My first love has always been art. It started with an obsession to draw everything I could with a pencil medium and graduated to pen & ink. I never was much for watercolors or oils of my own but have often marveled at the work of others. Although I sure do enjoy photography and have a strong desire to become a lot better, I still enjoy other photographers work the most. I live in Montana where we have much beauty around me. The wildlife is plentiful and the scenery can be really beautiful too. T ... mais

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July 27, 2005
Canon 40D and Canon 7D with numerous lenses including a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS, Canon 100-400 f4.5 5.6,a Sigma 50-500, Canon 18-55 3.5 5.6, 28-135 f3.5-5.6 IS, 70-300 f3.5=5.6, a Canon 50 1.8 etc
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Wildlife, Nature, Transportation, Events, People

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