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Congratulations to all the winners-stunning images! I wish I could get some shots like these but probably not possible in the city.

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Many fish caught by sportsman now have to be released owing to conservation measures. 50 years ago you could keep a shad caught in the potomac river, now it is all catch and release. 50 years ago the fishing was free, now you have to have a license. I ... [Ler mais...]

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Great article and many useful suggestions! It takes effort to make a difference.

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Richard Gunion


Washington, United States
Richard Gunion (Shootalot)


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I like to travel and have been to many places like California, Europe, Maine and Mexico. I live in Washington D.C. and have also taken pictures around my home including the new WWII Memorial. Digital cameras come and go so like everyone here I am always trading up. The summer is coming to end here in Washington DC and I am doing sunset shots and looking forward to Autumn.

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June 23, 2004
Sony NEX 3N and kit lens, Canon SX710 camera, Sony WX220 camera. Konica Autoreflex TC 35MM camera and various lenses though I rarely shoot film if ever.
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Landscapes, Fishing, Aircraft, Flowers, Landmarks, Travel
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